British Electrician in Majorca

I can help with a wide variety of electrical services for residential properties. This includes upgrades, repairs, replacements, and installations

New Build Projects

We ensure that the final design of your home compliments your Lifestyle. Choose us for reliable, quality designed installation of all electrical systems.

We can provide a free consultation to demonstrate all of the options available to you throughout the entire project.

Complete Property Rewires

If you are purchasing an older property, or renovating a building that has not been rewired in the last ten years, then you must replace all of the fixtures and electric connections to keep the property safe. Old electrics and wiring can be extremely dangerous. An old fuse box can lead to dangerously high levels of current flowing through your home. A full rewiring requires hard work as well as specialist electrical expertise which we provide.

Fuse Board Upgrades

A Fuse Board Upgrade, or Complete Replacement, will bring your Home up to current electricity safety standards. This provides better protection for your family and home. Contact us today for a Panel Upgrade.

Boletín (official spanish electrical certificate)

A Boletín is a document issued to the property owner by an Electrical Contractor (in this case BS ELECTRICAL) that states that their properties electrical system complies with current Spanish Electrical Regulations.

This document can be required for a number of reasons … changing the name on the properties electrical bill, an upgrade in the general Potencia (more power), change of ownership of the property or simply an overhaul (rewire) or part rewire of an electrical system.

Indoor & Exterior Lighting

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting is a Key Part of your Home Security. Our expert team have extensive knowledge and experience of fitting tailor-made outdoor lighting that transforms the outside of your property. Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting is also a key part of your Home Security.

We can help with Professional Installation.

Other Services We Offer

Do you have a new build or large project that needs to be handled from start to finish?

I can also source other specialists so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

I will help you find fully qualified tradesmen and manage their services for you to ensure quality and service you are happy with.

Building Contractors

I work with a team of highly experienced electrical contractors who specialise in quality installation, project management, repair and maintenance services. Working together, we cover all electrical services for your home and always get the job done with the highest quality standards.

Air Conditioning

We can design and install Custom Air Conditioning Systems to fit your home. This includes smaller spaces where it may not normally be possible to fit an outdoor condensing unit. We present you with the Best Options of Air Conditioning solutions to suit your overall design taste, style and efficiency.

Security Systems

Whether you are looking for a discreet home CCTV system, motion detectors, security lights or smart locks, I can help you to connect with a security expert who will tell you everything you need to know about securing your home.

Swimming Pool Construction

When deciding on what kind of swimming pool you would like, there are many options to choose from. Building a swimming pool for your home can be a complex process, so you want to have a contractor who understands all of the steps and processes required. We can help find the best person for your project.


Find the best solutions for all areas of heating and plumbing, including boiler repair, servicing and installation, drainage repairs and leaks. We understand that every task must be completed to the highest standard and care, which is why we can source fully certified and experienced plumbers.

Water Treatment

Before choosing a home water filter system, it is important to know where it can be installed. Whole house water filter or treatment systems can be set up and the water will enter the home’s main plumbing system. Contact us to find out more.

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